Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cool or Safe?

It is a question I often struggle with. When riding my Vespa do I want to look good or protect myself. Some scenarios:

Rain - do I wear shirt and shorts like a carefree caribbean, or full foul-weather rain gear like an ocean-going sailor? The problem with this conundrum is that if I opt for the former I ride faster to try and stop getting wet, which makes the situation worse

Helmet - half helmet like an Italian Paninaro, or full-face like a proper motorcyclist? If it was a case of money and style no object, then the Reevuwould be the best choice...

Shoes - sandals like a trendy Greek model or full-on motorcycle boots like a full-on motorcyclist? My preference is barefoot, but the tarmac gets too hot and it is sometimes difficult to put your bike on the stand...

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