Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Big Head

I recently noticed that my scooter helmet leaves a big red mark on my forehead after I take it off. It is pretty unsightly and takes a while to dissipate. The helmet is fibreglass and does not change size in the heat, which only leads me to one conclusion: I think my head is growing.

So I started looking for other signs. My glasses don't fit too well any more because the frame has stretched - could that be because of my stretching skull?

I also have a lump or knot on the back of my head - I usually joke that this is just my brains trying to escape, but maybe there is more to it? The lump does not seem to have grown - or does it? I searched WebMD in vain to find out what the lump is, but I couldn't find a thing.

So now I am wondering how long it will be before I have trouble supporting my growing box of grey matter. Will it start to become too heavy for my shoulders? Will I start to look like one of those toy dolls with oversized craniums? Will my brains start spilling out of my ears? No, that's wax, and it's tasty! Will people start staring at me in elevators? No...because they already do that.

So now I am on a noggin-watch. I need to take scale of my scalp daily. I like to think I am becoming cleverer as a result of this growth. (I am sure posts like this serve to prove that point). And no, I'm not just being big-headed about it.

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