Sunday, November 19, 2006


I had a hair cut yesterday. The conversation generally goes something like this: "Number one. Leave it a bit longer at the front. Nothing for the weekend. Thanks very much."

The big issue is that I always end up with a neck full of hair. Those short, shaved strands end up on my shirt collar, and they itch like crazy. It is immensely annoying. Especially if I have to spend an afternoon in the office like that. Why?

We have the technology to put men on the moon, yet no-one seems to have an invention to stop hair getting down your neck during a haircut! Tissue paper doesn't work. Towels don't work. Those rubber pads draped over your shoulders don't work. Come on! Surely there is an inventor out there somewhere who wants to solve this issue?

Whilst on the subject of hair, this weekend saw a major milestone in my life. I found my first grey hair. On my head? On my chest? No, I mean (cough please) down below, if you get my drift. I have had peppery pez on my head for the longest time. My chest is sprouting a big patch of grey grass. But there? When I saw it I had to sit down and take a deep breath.

It is official. It is all downhill from here. Next, someone will be calling me middle-aged.

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